God's New Revelations

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1442 -

Do Not Become Unscrupulous Servants!

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Message of June 10, 2024

My child. Difficult days await you. Your earth will seethe, volcanoes will spew (erupt), tremors will shake your earth.

But you must remain strong and steadfast when the dark age of your earthly events begins.

Your faith must be firmly and deeply anchored in Me, in your Jesus, and nothing and no-one must dissuade you from this faith in Me and My Father!

Do not allow your churches to be closed or blasphemed worldwide! You have a right to 'My' home. So cherish it, My children, keep My Holy Church, refuge of so many of My faithful children, open and cherished!

Your salvation, beloved children that you are, is at stake, if the dark serpent will soon nestle in My Church and change your Holy Mass celebrations!

Stay very vigilant, for the serpent and his followers are cunning and double-minded, and many of you will not realize how My Holy Body is being replaced and blasphemed!

You will wish for those days of holiness back, but many do not appreciate them even now.

Be vigilant and on your guard, for the missals will soon be replaced and you will no longer be allowed to receive Me, your Jesus.

In many places I will be exchanged for conventional bread, in other places the Holy Mass ritual will be so distorted that it will not be Me whom you will receive!

You must remain vigilant, beloved children that you are.

Dear priests, My consecrated sons that you are:

I, your Jesus, ask you through Maria for the Divine Preparation of Hearts, that you vow to uphold the Holy Celebration of the Mass.

I ask you that you will NOT accept and will not practice the changes that are now appearing, for you are sons of Mine and as such I ask you to take your vows seriously and remain faithful to Me, your Jesus!

Each of you has a conscience, so do not become unscrupulous servants of evil!

My Holy Spirit is with you, pray to HIM and you will recognize the truth!

The communities entrusted to you, do not present them as sacrifices, but lead them to Me even in the times to come, which will truly be difficult for My ordained priests and My Holy Church.

Beloved sons of Mine:

Prepare yourselves for these days!

Look for hiding places where you can celebrate My Holy Mass in secret!

Be prepared with all the utensils you will need for this!

If you do not make provisions, you will not be ready and will leave your parishes to their own devices. This must not happen! Remain faithful to Me and stay strong and steadfast, for if you give in, your churches will be at the mercy of the devil through you, My beloved sons, by your offense!

So remain faithful and devoted to Me, your Jesus, and continue to lead your churches to Me.

I will be with you at all times.

Pray much, and pray, beloved children, for My ordained priests and sons. Amen.

My child. Make this also known. The time is short.

Yours and your Jesus. The I Am.

Savior of all God's children and Redeemer of the world. Amen.